Johnstown Elementary Joins Center for Green Schools’ Class of 2018

BSHM’s Johnstown Monroe Elementary School project was recently featured by The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council, part of the Class of 2018: LEED certified schools, having earned LEED Silver Certification.

The 85,000 SF facility houses 744 PK-5 students and was designed with a two-story academic wing to minimize the footprint needed to maximize the outdoor space. Building materials were chosen for durability and likelihood of containing recycled content. Additionally, the building’s energy efficiency was achieved through careful application of continuous spray foam insulation on the exterior walls and a hybrid roofing insulation system. The design includes an efficient floor plan to create a building massing exterior and exterior appearance to blend with the character of the existing residential neighborhood. Flexible learning spaces are incorporated to align with the District’s movement towards a 21st century learning environment.