COVID-19 Update from the BSHM President

We at BSHM Architects, Inc want to send well wishes to our staff, families, clients and communities that we know and hold close to our hearts. This will be a challenging time for all of us. As Architects, we are known to be dreamers of the future, visionaries and seers of construction. We are typically optimistic people; we remain optimistic about this pandemic.

BSHM intends to comply with the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order, by aligning our intent to “ensure that the maximum number of“ our employees “self-isolate… to the maximum extent feasible”. To that end, we will be operating with the majority of our staff working from home until at least April 7. We intend to not only continue activities for Minimum Basic Operations, but shall remain open as an Essential Business, to “offer, provision, operate, maintain and repair Essential Infrastructure” such as “public works construction” and “school construction”.

Specifically, in the course of our business, BSHM is prohibiting any gathering of more than ten people, authorizing travel outside the home for only Minimum Basic Operations and Job Site activities, facilitating work from home for all employees and requiring sick employees to stay home.

I believe communication is the soul of community.

This message is born from the desire to communicate our availability to not only respond professionally, but also respond humanely.

To our beloved staff, families, clients and communities; “we are all in this together” if there is anything BSHM can do to relieve your stress, or help in any way please reach out.

Thank You,

Byron Manchester, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

President, BSHM Architects, Inc.