Meet the BSHM Summer Interns!

Alissa Gonda

As a first-year graduate/Master of Architecture student at the University of Cincinnati, Alissa has always been interested in how buildings look and are used. She decided to pursue architecture because she wants to create something that will help others for many years to come. In Alissa’s spare time, she loves to draw, color, paint, and play mind/word games. She also thinks Grogu from The Mandalorian is adorable!

“Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” – Madam C.J. Walker

BethAnne Bautista

BethAnne is entering her junior year at Bowling Green State University this coming fall. She has always loved architecture and found it beautiful. In high school, she knew she wanted to go to school for it, as she was attracted to the design aspect. BethAnne loves art and being creative – studio is her favorite class because it allows for her to act on her creativity.

“The thing is – fear can’t hurt you anymore than a dream.”Lord of the Flies, William Golding