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Adam Farley

Adam graduated from Kent State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture. Adam interned with BSHM during summer 2019 and winter 2019-2020, while attending classes at Kent State University. Upon graduation, he joined BSHM full-time, and has become an asset to the firm. Adam provides technical support on multiple projects.

At BSHM, Adam is especially adept at computer modeling, drafting and specifications. Adam’s responsibilities range from assisting with the production of construction documents(drawing and detailing building sections), to assisting the project architect with coordinating construction processes, specifications, in addition to assisting the Construction Administrator in keeping projects on schedule.

Matthew A. Laury

Matt graduated from ITT Technical Institute with an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology, Computer Aided Drafting & Design. With 21 years of experience, he maintains a varied body of work. Matt joined the BSHM team in 2019, immediately providing architectural support on multiple projects.

At BSHM, Matt provides Architectural Support duties. He responsibilities range from assisting with the creation of construction documents, project coordination and shop drawing reviews to assist the project architect with coordinating construction processes. Matt’s skill-set is comprised of, but not limited to, Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, MicroStation, MasterSpec. His work ethic and level of expertise ensures project deadlines are accurately completed on time.

Kate E. Spires

Kate graduated from The Ohio State University with a Master’s Degree in Architecture. In 15 years of practice, she has worked on projects varying in scale and context, from a four million square foot global headquarters to 650 square foot fit-outs. Kate joined BSHM in 2019, immediately working with several of our project teams, assisting in school design development.

At BSHM, Kate is a Senior Project Architect. As such, she is responsible for all phases of project development, including programming, design, construction document development, assisting with project bidding / GMP development, and construction administration. Kate is skilled in Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, MasterSpec, physical modeling, in various mediums and niche levels of hand sketching, information graphics, rendering and animation design. Her level of leadership ensures projects remain on schedule and budget, in addition to making sure clients’ expatiations are heard and met accordingly.