Anna Rocket Athletic Center

Project Description

The OFCC Master Plan included swing space funding for rented modular classrooms – however the District considered other options to create swing space that would be more beneficial to the community and district in the long run.

A 13,500 SF pre-engineered metal building was conceived to initially house 11 classrooms at a time while sections of the District’s School building were being renovated. Once the school building was renovated and all students returned to their permanent classrooms, the metal building was converted to a building shared between the District’s buildings and grounds maintenance department and the District’s Athletic Boosters. Planning for three different uses at multiple times posed many challenges including vehicular maneuvering requirements, HVAC system designs, accommodations for lighting and power, sanitary and storm water considerations, egress as well as entrance branding. The end result is a training facility the Anna Local School District will use to produce outstanding athletes for years.

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