Beecher Center For Technology In The ArtsYoungstown, Ohio

Project Description

Beecher Center for Technology in the Arts is a joint venture between the Youngstown State University College of Art and The Butler Institute of American Art, which focused on a facility for the creation and display of technology-based art. The building was sited on the south to have a presence on the campus side of the existing structure. The parti incorporates a three-story, doublewide bar running east/west and parallel to the 1930 gallery wing. It is separated by a double-height narrow gallery hall that maintains the 1930’s exterior façade. Student entry at the lowest level contains digital labs and artist spaces, the second level, tech galleries, and a multi-media mini theater and the upper level archives, classrooms and studio space. The new areas connect to the old via vacated stairwells. The east façade is primarily glass and is set back and subordinated to the original gallery.


1988 - Design Honor Award (Butler) / AIA Eastern Ohio
1991 - Honorable Mention (Butler) / AIA Ohio
2000 - Design Honor Award (Beecher) / AIA Eastern Ohio

Project Gallery

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