John J. McDonough ChapelYoungstown, Ohio

Project Description

To complete the master plan for a new cemetery for the Diocese of Youngstown, John J. McDonough, local physician and patron of the arts, donated funding for the cemetery chapel. The parti centers around two chapels within one building, along with the symbolic elements of parting, communion, and the grave itself. A fountain pouring from the broken granite wall continues into the chapels, eventually encasing the entire height of the rear wall. The front of each Chapel is composed of a small podium and lecturn washed in a half cylinder of light, flanked by two large thematic windows (the North Chapel theme being Eternal Peace, and the South Chapel theme being the Resurrection of the Dead). Water, earth and light then become the backdrop of this most solemn of ceremonies.


1992 AIA Eastern Ohio Design Honor Award
1981 AIA Honorable Mention Design Award

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