Lally Pipe & TubeStruthers, Ohio

Project Description

This modest project for a company that re-manufactures steel pipe and tubing for piling, construction and other structural applications, remodeled an abandoned railroad switching tower, already located on its property, for corporate & sales office space. The structure also contains lunch and restroom facilities for the plant’s outside workforce. A small two story addition was constructed on the southern side of the building, and additional space was added over a portion of the existing first story. A simple strategy of punched window openings and cementitious plaster in a grid pattern sympathetic to the original geometry of the building is the main theme on the upper level of the exterior. This sits over a painted concrete block first floor and successfully lends an industrial look to the structure. At the same time, details such as simple painted steel tube railings, open grid stair treads and a palette of dense earthy colors unify the composition.


1989 AIA Eastern Ohio Design Honor Award

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