Newton Falls Elementary Grades 3-6Newton Falls, Ohio

Project Description

The 67,000 square foot school facility houses third through sixth grade as part of a district-wide campus setting. The design concept is a study of form, light, texture and color.  These basic ideas suitable for a third graders understanding are developed to inherently trigger a child’s mind while sophisticated enough to please the community who utilize the building for various functions.

The form of the building is a symmetrical rotated classroom plan with a curved intersection. The front of the building plan is asymmetrical to house auxiliary spaces for the administration, gymnasium, and cafeteria. The entire structure is masonry. The form of the building in elevation includes straight, peaked, sloped, and curved walls.


The International Masonry Institute awarded Balog Steines Hendricks & Manchester Architects the "2005 Golden Trowel Award Best in Category" for their design. This is the premier award for educational projects in the state of Ohio.

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